Mrs. Ashley, Preschool

Meet Deb Ashley

My name is Deb Ashley and I have been employed at the elementary for sixteen years.

I am currently the Preschool Director and preschool co-teacher, working with young children and their families, a position I have held for thirteen years. Preschool is a special time for little ones and I enjoy encouraging their imaginations and playing as they grow through the preschool experience.

Highlights in Preschool relate to monthly units we are learning about. Popular events include trips in our own community like the Fire Station and Dairy Farm. Another fun experience is during the “bakery” unit when we visit a bakery and create our own “Gingerbread Man” in the classroom. I especially appreciate working in this supportive community where the education of young children has been valued. 

I am married with three children and have lived and volunteered in the Scotts area my entire adult life. I enjoy reading, crafting, scrapbooking, family history and being a grandma.