Mrs. Bandlow, Music Teacher

Meet Jodine Bandlow ~ Music Teacher  


1.      What role do you have here at C-S Elementary and how long have you been here?

I am Jodine Bandlow. I teach music to all students in Young Fives through Fifth grade. This is my third school year at Climax-Scotts.


2.      Why did you decide to work with students in education?

 I have always loved school!  I enjoy the moments where the students really “get it” and can perform a new song or on a new instrument.  My passion is to see students gain a musician identity and see themselves as life long music makers!  


 3.      Can you name 2-3 fun educational activities you do with your students throughout the year?

 My youngest students are learning all of their treble and bass clef lines and spaces using the Freddie the Frog books, CDs, and plush toys by Sharon Burch.     My youngest students also create music on xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels while we explore a wide variety of children’s picture books.  We make music that literally accompanies and tells the story.  This approach combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning as well as reinforces reading skills.  My older students play a wide variety of instruments throughout the year, including Malmark choir chimes, Yamaha keyboards, Lanikai ukuleles, recorders, and drums.   A new activity this year has been taking a country song that is popular among the students and creating our own cover band version of it using vocals and classroom instruments.  My third, fourth, and fifth graders have learned to play “Big Green Tractor” on ukulele, guitar if they have their own, keyboards, and drums.  The kids also know “Made In America,” performed by Toby Keith, and “Home” performed by Phillip Phillips, using all the instruments.  I recently added bass guitar to our country music cover band, too!  


 4.      Would you like to share any personal information about your own family or your own hobbies?

I am about half way through my Master's in Education Degree with Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sacred Music from North Central University in Minneapolis, and a bachelor’s in education from the Robert B. Miller College in Battle Creek.

 I teach piano lessons in Battle Creek at my home and at the Community Music School at the Music Center of South Central Michigan.  I direct children’s worship with a team of about 40 singers, dancers, and instrumentalists who are in first through fifth grades at First Wes in Battle Creek.  I also play piano in the First Wes band. I am married, and I have two daughters in middle school.  In November of 2011, I ran my first half marathon in Indianapolis, and I have maintained my running through this year. I just ran my second half marathon in Grand Rapids, Spring of 2013. I also have interests in quilting, reading, and making stained glass art.  When I hear authors speak, I want to write something that fills a niche and gets published!  I have a life-long passion for playing Steinway pianos!